Banned for Hacking

Banned for Hacking

Postby BoostyJustice » July 9th, 2016, 4:38 pm

I posted a thread here like 2 months ago asking if I could be unbanned from the server, but I was told that my score per minute was too high to be legit. I posted a response to that in the thread explaining why my spm was so high but I never got a response back so figured now that a couple months have passed I would try again. At the time I got banned I had a 3.5k spm but it was right after a 4x xp weekend which I played nothing but 64 player conquest on lockers and stacked the 4x xp with my 200% boosts I had saved up. Me and many others in the server were getting upwards of 2m xp in a 45 minute game. Since then my spm has gone down to 2.5k which is still high but I don't play very often and I gained a ton of xp during that weekend so it is going to take a while to return my spm to where it should actually be. I will link my battlelog again so you guys can take a look and see that in my recent games I haven't been close to reaching 3.5k spm. I'd appreciate it if you guys could take a look and possibly reconsider the ban since I feel most of my other stats aren't unreasonable. ... 818859/pc/
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