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  • ROXBONEZ: Right on! Thanks Tim.
    Jul 29th 2014 5:55pm PST
  • Tim: Conquest now has all maps in its rotation! It is, however, running with "Dragon's Teeth Mostly" for now...
    Jul 29th 2014 5:53pm PST
  • Tim: Okay, well the Conquest server is empty right now due to DDoSes and players being Blaze dumped. Once/If the Conquest ever refills today, I'll add all the other maps back into the rotation.
    Jul 29th 2014 0:12pm PST
  • SoulxReaperx1: hmm, I thought it was Friday already Tim.
    Jul 29th 2014 0:44am PST
  • Tim: Tuesday
    Jul 27th 2014 10:10pm PST
  • SheepamongWolves: ETA on having all the maps the conquest server?
    Jul 27th 2014 9:34pm PST
  • Mmmmmm_Hands: Thank You!!
    Jul 26th 2014 5:27pm PST
  • Admin: I cleared two bans from the TDM server because the admin didn't put his name on the bans. One of them might have been yours. See if you can join the server.
    Jul 26th 2014 0:55pm PST
  • Admin: I cleared two bans from the TDM server because the admin didn't put his name on the bans. One of them might have been yours. See if you can join the server.
    Jul 26th 2014 0:49pm PST
  • Mmmmmm_Hands: My bad bro. Appreciate it. I got a random message towards the end of the match telling my I was banned. But I'm not banned from any other servers.
    Jul 26th 2014 0:23pm PST
  • xSoulxReaperx1: You were kicked and banned for the wrong reasons, ill talk to some admin and try to get you unbanned
    Jul 26th 2014 10:09am PST
  • Mmmmmm_Hands: Great....another bad mouth.
    Jul 26th 2014 8:23am PST
  • SoulxReaperx1: Kayless63 I know why he was banned, ill be on tonight at 12 and can discuss it with you
    Jul 25th 2014 10:03pm PST
  • kayless63: all ban appeal are done at our forums area marked Unban Requests.
    Jul 25th 2014 9:18pm PST
  • Mmmmmm_Hands: I would like to appeal my ban from your TDM BF4 map. I don't see why I was banned.
    Jul 25th 2014 6:46pm PST
  • Mmmmmm_Hands: I would like to appeal my ban from your TDM BF4 map. I don't see why I was banned.
    Jul 25th 2014 6:29pm PST
  • Mmmmmm_Hands: I would like to appeal my ban from your TDM BF4 map. I don't see why I was banned.
    Jul 25th 2014 5:46pm PST
  • kayless63: so maybe you both might learn something.but i guess not.try grow up
    Jul 25th 2014 3:17pm PST
  • kayless63: also forgot to tell you stared tell me to f -off and other things. so i kicked you for the sever then you both rejoined the sever ans started right at again, so i baned both of you for 2 days for being the ass hats you both are.
    Jul 25th 2014 3:17pm PST
  • kayless63: that why you did not have your freind join you on your team.your team was all ready down players by 5.
    Jul 25th 2014 3:16pm PST
  • kayless63: maybe you sould tell the the whole story, it was not the fact you could not play on your freinds team. it the fact you both did not want to play on the losing team.
    Jul 25th 2014 3:13pm PST
  • GrowASet: Your admin on your BF4 server likes to complain with the yell command and abuse the kick/ban option. Other players were trying to switch teams to play together, and the admin would yell to "grow a set" then he kicked and banned them.
    Jul 25th 2014 1:49pm PST
  • ROXBONEZ: That's Cool. Thanks .
    Jul 24th 2014 4:27am PST
  • TimSad: Give it til next Tuesday, then I'll put in all the other maps, ROXBONEZ. :)
    Jul 23rd 2014 10:32am PST
  • ROXBONEZ: Conquest is empty this morning, I have heard chatter about the map rotation being small. Could we bring in some of the more popular maps from the other expansion packs?
    Jul 23rd 2014 3:48am PST
  • 1: 1
    Jul 23rd 2014 3:40am PST
  • 1: 1
    Jul 23rd 2014 3:40am PST
  • -1': 1
    Jul 23rd 2014 3:40am PST
  • 1: -1'
    Jul 23rd 2014 3:40am PST
  • TimSad: Thanks for heads up, soyelmacho! They were all completely full and completely fine earlier this morning but I guess there was yet another round of Blaze issues. :|
    Jul 22nd 2014 9:52am PST


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